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art direction and graphic art for feature film and television.
Just about every contemporary film has a computer on set or some other playback requirement that requires custom programming to follow a script. This is a very technical and satisfying brain drain when I have to generate one for a show.

Most playback is done with static screens or an animation loop. More often than not an actor is required to "track" someone... send an email... write a report.... or find data on any given subject. When that needs to happen... I get a call.

I program computers to look and act their part. They respond to user input... If an actor has to write an email or some other text... I generate a program that will only display that which is specifically outlined in a script... or provided by the writers to help sell the scene. No matter which key is pressed... The correct letters for the correct words will present themselves.

If an actor is searching, bidding on something, or whatever the task... They can only click on hot spots that will allow dialog boxes to pop up, screens to change, and typing functions to be allowed.

This gives the actor time to ACT... Instead of worrying about the functionality of a program. Rest keys are also added so that scenes can begin at any point during the computer function process.

In other cases... it is required to rebuild old operating systems or web sites from years gone by. This is particularly fun... I love going back in time to recreate the look and feel of that type of computer navigation.

Some programs are very simple ones... A static display with a Key Component added for video inserts in Post Production. But to REALLY SELL it... I find it useful to imbed footage right into the program...

Practical playback and computer functionality is ALWAYS best.

Actor Driven And Playback Programming...
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