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art direction and graphic art for feature film and television.
Often I am asked to design and render a pre-visualization image for a particular set and scene. This is necessary for all Departments on a Film to be on the same line of thought and can prepare for the implementation of the set more efficiently.

The examples shown are images digitally painted using Tech Scout photos as reference.

The top image was drawn for the movie "2 Guns" showing the immediate aftermath of an explosion.

The middle image shows destruction outside "The Dome" when a military mission to bomb the Dome fails. The destruction outside the "Dome Line" is in evidence and was a huge help to SPFX with regard to background fires required.

The bottom image for the HBO Series "Treme" shows destruction in progress after an arsonist's handiwork. This was a major transitional plot point for one of the lead female characters. This image was pivotal for SPFX. It shows where the "fake fire" would be located and contained on an actual location that had been widely used in the series.
Pre-Vis Drawing...