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Images rendered in Lightwave 11 using a quick dome light with radiosity.
art direction and graphic art for feature film and television.
Today's Art Department uses every medium at its disposal to accurately convey the Production Designer's, Director's and Producer's vision of a given set or location.

The standard is being set higher and higher as each year passes, so one must be capable of using the latest tools and software to convey ideas.

This set of renders is of a Stage Plan for 3 Sets. Each set was initially designed in AutoCAD for the basic plan layout. It was then modeled in SketchUP at a later date to give scope and scale to the sets.

SketchUP is a great medium for visualization, and in some cases, construction drawings can be produced. But when one needs a "better picture" I like to take those SketchUP models into Lightwave. In Lightwave I can put the objects on a "set", light it, and set up as many cameras as needed to render more detailed versions of the models.

These renders were brought into Lightwave and polygons were given a Clay Surface for the purpose of the Stage Plan Render. The models used were very basic, lacking the detail that a Full Set would get.

Cameras were set up at each corner, and in two locations in the Big Set to give the viewer a feel of what the set will look like when constructed.

Sometimes a "Walk Through" will be rendered for presentation purposes... But it was unnecessary for the Pre-Vis needed for the stage plan.
Pre-Vis Rendering...
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