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art direction and graphic art for feature film and television.
Poster are a staple for Set Decorators and Propmasters in Film and Television. In my 20 years of Film Production I have certainly made my share.

I have generated posters for most time periods and genres over the years. There has been everything from posters that sell a particular plot point in a script... To the just plain fun and goofy.

To the left you will see two of my favorites... They were created for Elmo In Grouchland. The Grouchland Theater was showing two films... Spoofs of contemporary films at the time. Having actual Muppets at my disposal to shoot the photos was fantastic. The photos were edited and the posters composed to look like the real counterpart films. I dare say they turned out great.

Below you will see a small cross section of different poster styles. More examples will be posted as I run across them....
Posters Galore...
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