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The Ancient Map
This was a particularly great project. Projects like these put spice into the otherwise mundane task of making reproduction art.

I was contracted by "The Bleeding" to generate a map that could be from 300 B.C. or earlier. It was supposed to have been drawn using blood to show the origins of Vampirism for the scene.

The map was hand drawn over a couple of days on hand made paper that has similar properties to sheep skin which was the medium of choice in that time period. The map was drawn using a quill pen and some custom ink to mimic the brown/rust color of old blood. Great care was taken with the calligraphy to give it a distinctive look.

When the art was complete, it had to be heavily aged, worn and tattered. The map was tinted, folded, distressed, and heavy aging applied until it had an authentic look and feel to it.

This is one of my favorite pieces, which I still have today.