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I must say... Working on TWO Muppet Movies was an extreme pleasure.
art direction and graphic art for feature film and television.
Kap'n Alphabet...
To do one in a career is hard enough to make happen... But two back-to-back.... Lightning in a bottle I'll tell you!

This Muppet Sized Cereal Box was created as a "Super Hero" Prop... And multiples were made.

The first thing was to draw Kap'n Alphabet. The Muppet Workshop created an actual Kap'n Alphabet that never made it to the final cut of the film. Too bad... It was a funny gag. So... I drew Kap'n Alphabet based on the information provided by the Muppet Workshop.

Most of the elements were hand drawn and composed into the cereal box shown. Custom Muppet Friendly Cereal had to be created, and was shot in a bowl... And composed.

Once approved, the art was printed, hand cut, folded and glued... Ready to shoot.

This one piece I am proud of... Because Gonzo is holding it!
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