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These backdrops were generated for the Film Bolden. The time frame is the 1900s. The day photo was highly edited to remove power lines, and anything that would indicate a contemporary photograph. Once the image was edited, it became the basis of the Night Image. The sky was replaced, and appropriate lighting added to "sell" night. The day image was printed on the front. The Night Image was mirrored, registered with the front image, then printed on the back. For night scenes, the image was Back Lit... For Day Scenes, the image was Front lit... And a combination of lighting could closely mimic different times of the day. This is a technically difficult one to pull off.
art direction and graphic art for feature film and television.
This image was for the Series One Tree Hill and is a standard backlit "out the window" backdrop. The image was stitched from several photos, edited to remove unwanted power lines and color corrected.

This image also came in a night version where the sky was replaced, the foreground elements edited, and appropriate lighting in the windows and on the street sold it as a night scene.
This 74'x16' dual backdrop was created for the Series Under The Dome. The day images were shot during the late winter while in Pre-Production. The sky was grey and there was no foliage anywhere. I shot the image, stitched it together and then removed the lens parallax from the stitching process. Significant editing was required to add leaves to the trees... All in front of a synthetic sky generated in Photoshop.

Once the Day Image was complete, I coped it and edited the copy to be a street immersed in darkness. No power means no light sources, except that of ambient light from the sky. Density is an issue with an image such as this, so I had it produced using a "Double Strike" technique to increase the opacity for backlighting.