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This photo is the end result of significant art and prep for the KURL News Station for the film Domestic Disturbance.

The News Logo was first composed and approved. Once approved it was forwarded to Props so mugs and other Set Dec and Prop items could be generated for the shoot.

The artwork was then moved to Lightwave where I generated a 3D Mesh for Motion graphics. The 8 was isolated for possible rotation on the horizontal version of the logo for placement as a "bug" at the lower corner of the "News Broadcast".

A second, vertical version was made, with the 8 isolated and enhanced with metallic edge surfaces. Once the mesh was complete it was given a basic 360 degree rotation. The earth in the background was another 3D Mesh that had surface and cloud layers that rotated independently of each other, enhancing the earths spin. The earth was given a basic 360 rotation.

In front of the earth and behind the logo was a lighting feature that morphed as the animation played....

This animation was set up for an HD endless loop and was displayed in real time on the monitors set up on the set.
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